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At Journey Loft Travel Planners, our mission is to deliver customized travel plans to take a break from everyday life, explore memorable places, and enjoy a relaxing environment where you can recharge and create memories as you travel through your journey.

We help business owners and individuals plan a customized getaway to take a break from everyday life and step into a relaxing environment where they can recharge and add memories to their travel journey.

Planning a trip should be a pleasant and fun experience. If you are looking for personalized service, look no further! We aim to ensure that your vacation is a success, providing advice and helping you plan the perfect getaway.

We focus on but are not limited to Spain, Italy, France, Greece, the USA, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. Whether you want a family vacation, are looking for a ladies-only trip, need a solo retreat, need relaxation, want to explore wineries, or are ready for an all-inclusive experience, we are here prepared to plan.

Our three-step process will create a trip tailored to your needs and goals. Let’s get ready to experience the trip of a lifetime!

Our Three Steps Process

The Consultation: Get to know us and find out what you want, looking for, and what type of memories you want to create.

The Plan: Select the destination, places to visit, and activities, and plan the itinerary to finalize the logistics for a smooth trip.

The Experience: Land at your destination, enjoy the experience, and return with great memories to share with family and friends.

There’s a place for everyone. Let us find yours!

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