About Journey Loft Travel Planners

About Journey Loft Travel Planners

My name is Ingrid. I own Journey Loft Travel Planners!

Travel has been my lifelong companion, from my early years in the enchanting Dominican Republic to exploring the scenic beauty of the East and West Coasts, Europe, and Central America, shaping my career as a passionate travel expert.

Traveling is my tool to learn, grow, and connect with different cultures while witnessing nature’s stunning beauty. This personal passion also fuels my profession. I find immense joy in assisting others in achieving their travel aspirations.

Offering meticulous travel planning and a genuine interest in understanding and respecting diverse cultures, I pride myself on delivering unparalleled service tailored to my client’s needs. My knack for organization, research, and planning and my personal travel experiences promise an extraordinary adventure.

I look forward to planning your travel journey!

Happily traveled,


Places I have visited

Journey Loft Travel Planners’ 3-step process will help you plan your best travel journey!
About Journey Loft Travel Planners
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