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Best Places for European Vacations

From the castles of Scotland to Germany’s medieval towns, the Mediterranean’s azul waters to the Baltic’s fairytale cities, Europe is a destination you could explore. Whether it’s your first time crossing the pond or 100th, the options are endless for new adventures, from local foods to VIP tours of places you won’t find in the guidebooks.  Do you want to climb the towers of ancient castles? Enjoy the eye-popping colors of Greece’s coastline against the shimmering sea. Spend time exploring Barcelona or an evening learning to dance with locals in Madrid.

Your hard-earned vacation budget stretches further as the U.S. dollar strengthens compared to the Euro. Thankfully we’re here to help you narrow down the options and maximize your vacation time. Our travel experts have experienced the hotels, resorts, tour operators, cruise ships, and train services that form the backbone of any perfect European vacation.

Visit and Explore Europe

River Cruise Vacations

  • Step Into History: Your river cruise ship docks right in the heart of the city, giving you more time to sit in cafes, stroll through museums and peruse the shops.
  • All-Inclusive: Most river cruise companies deliver an all-inclusive experience, providing you with all meals, regional wines, and free shore excursions with a knowledgeable guide.
  • Expansive Views: You’ll see more of Europe from its rivers. The constantly changing scenery includes children laughing in small villages, vineyards stretching across the mountains, stately castles shrouded in the early morning mist, and much more.
  • Iconic Rivers: See firsthand the rivers that played vital roles in shaping Europe’s cultural identity—the Danube, Rhine, Moselle, Main, and Volga.

Ocean Cruise Vacations

  • Ideal Itineraries: Whether you want to see Gaudi’s masterpieces in Barcelona, shop in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, tour a vineyard in Italy, or a museum in London, you’ll find the perfect itinerary that takes you to all your dream destinations.
  • Incredible Onboard Options: Rock climbing in the morning and Venice in the afternoon? A day of exploring Copenhagen followed by a night at a Broadway musical? Larger cruise ships give you the options to make your vacation truly memorable.
  • Cosmopolitan Ports: Your cruise can visit the world’s most desirable cities—Rome, Dubrovnik, St. Petersburg, Oslo, Athens, Lisbon, Santorini, Cannes, and more.
  • Family-Friendly: With more onboard options for kids, including splash parks and kids clubs, an ocean cruise makes bringing the entire family along easier.

European Guided Vacations

  • Insider’s Access: No time is wasted standing in long lines on a guided vacation. Your tour director will take you right up to the entrance, unclick the red velvet rope and usher you inside, giving you more time to savor every piece of art in the museum. 
  • Walking Encyclopedia: Your tour guide will most likely be from the area you’re touring and have intimate, inexhaustible knowledge of the villages, people, and culture, knowledge to share with you throughout your journey.
  • Flexibility is Key: Did you want to visit that little bookshop you read about near Notre Dame Cathedral? Your tour guide has the authority and flexibility to take the group off course and experience something unique you want to see. 

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